We are an an independent special needs school in the Heath area of Cardiff. The school opened in 2009, originally set up to meet the needs of girls aged 11-16 years, with moderate
and severe learning difficulties. Now we are a co-educational community of  upto25 pupils and 21 staff. Our pupils range in age from 7-19 years old and have a variety of educational needs.
These include moderate to severe learning needs, ASD, ADHD, Attachment Disorder, behavioural difficulties, social and emotional difficulties and often our pupils have been out of school for some time before joining us.

Our high staff to pupil ratio allows us to provide a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of each individual pupil. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with
opportunities to develop independent living skills and gain work experience.

Our school has a positive and inclusive approach to managing behaviour. We have a calm and caring ethos, where adult responses are consistent and predictable for the pupils. We
believe in encouraging good behaviour through a range of positive behaviour management strategies and a reward system personal to each pupil. Through this unified approach we aim to gradually reduce inappropriate and negative behaviour and encourage pupils to recognise and move towards more socially acceptable and successful behaviours.

We put a great emphasis on the importance of interacting with others in respectful ways through speech, actions and building relationships. We expect strong emotions from our pupils but aim to teach them how to manage and express themselves in healthier ways than they might have used before.

We provide a caring and supportive environment for our pupils, knowing that when they feel safe, they become less vigilant are able to learn, adapt, and manage their behaviour
appropriately. We provide learning opportunities and choices for the pupils, so that they experience a ‘real world’ model of choice and consequence, and therefore autonomy.

We welcome visits from interested parties and if you would like to visit us, please email or telephone us to arrange this.