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"Varied curriculum, topics of interest, opportunities for different activities"

KS3 Parent

"Caring and nurturing environment, excellent life skills provided in farm and 'in house' facilities"

KS4 Parent

At Red Rose School we appreciate that our young people may have found learning or just being in school a difficult experience.  With this in mind we carefully pace their transition into our school and start by building relationships between pupil and staff. Positive relationships are key to developing social and emotional readiness for learning, only then can meaningful learning can take place.

We offer a varied curriculum that is personalised to each pupil’s specific needs and heavily slanted toward developing emotional resilience, social skills, fostering curiosity and developing self-confidence. This is delivered creatively and designed to allow all pupils to have access to a range of learning experiences that meets their current needs, builds on their interests and skillset and addresses any struggles.

Our dedicated team of staff provide a calm, safe and supportive environment, and are supplemented with expertise from peripatetic professionals.

At Key Stage 2, pupils follow a core curriculum of Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Science, Humanities, PHSE, cookery and creative play. Our pupils follow an ASDAN course focussed on PSHE and citizenship and also get introduced to Spanish or French. As a school we place a strong emphasis on Physical Education (incorporating off site activities both indoor and outdoor). Participating in physical activity and learning new skills is part of the broad and balanced curriculum each pupil is entitled to. Exercise is essential for good health, is fun and aids emotional regulation.

At Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 pupils follow a core curriculum of Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Science, Humanities, Art, Physical Education, Independent Living Skills and PSHE.  As pupils progress through the school many of these subjects are taught by following WJEC Entry Pathways qualifications. ASDAN short course are also followed from Year 8. 

All of our pupils spend half a day a week on carefully supervised work-related learning at the farm. This may include caring for the animals, growing food or structural work around the buildings and grounds.

At Red Rose School we believe that education has the greatest impact when there is a partnership between home and school and when all adults involved in the life of the child are supportive of the placement. We strive to build positive relationships with parents/carers, to ensure cooperation and mutual respect between all members of our community and a successful outcome for our pupils.

More info can be found within our curriculum policy document on the 'info for parents' page.

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