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"Helped my child settle in, given her confidence- she is able to confide and trust the teachers and staff"

KS3 Parent

"I think my child's time in your school has been brilliant, very proud of him and teachers for all their help."

KS3 Parent

"We cannot thank you enough for your continued support"

KS3 Parent

We are fortunate in having a hard working and dedicated staff with a wealth of experience and training. Due to the vulnerability of our pupils, all staff are up to date with  Safeguarding, Keeping Children Safe Online and First Aid qualifications and all are Team Teach trained. Our staff are trauma informed, understand the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on emotional development and therefore behaviour and have been trained in positive behaviour management strategies.

In addition to this we have a qualified Psychotherapist on the team and staff specialists in Emotional Literacy, Trauma Informed School approaches and substance misuse. We have sports graduates, psychology graduates and specialist teachers in areas such as dyslexia and speech and language difficulties. All of our staff bring a nurturing and caring approach to the education of our pupils in addition to their own expertise.

"Staff are highly motivated in their roles and contribute effectively to supporting pupil progress." 

Estyn March 2022


Deputy Headteacher 

Sarah D


Michael OD

Andrew V

Elena G

Jordan D

Sarah G

Tyler S

Matthew J

Leah C

Anna M

Callum M

Stacey P 

Alun M

Joanne D

Kirstie R

Ian S

Anna V

Hayley L

Tanya J

Steve B



Huw  Pockett

54 Wyndham Road


CF11 9EJ                  

All of our staff are registered with the EWC

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