School Day Times

School gates open: 8.45am

School ends: 2.30pm

For school dates please see our downloadable calendar below

PLEASE NOTE: Last day of school will be Thursday 21st July 2022 for this academic year. 

For anytime taken off during term time (that isn't illness), a leave of absence form is available below and must be filled in ten days prior to the absence. 


Uniform can be purchased from YC Sport, Crwys Road, Cardiff.  


Red sweatshirt with Logo

Red Hoody with Logo

Red or white polo shirt

Dark, comfortable trousers, joggers/skirts as preferred.

Comfortable footwear


Black sweatshirt with Logo

Red or white polo shirt

Dark, comfortable trousers, joggers/skirts as preferred.

Comfortable footwear.

Absence procedure

Clearly the most successful learning takes place when a pupil attends school punctually and regularly. Being ten minutes late for school each day means hours of missed learning over  a term. If your child is unable to attend school, it is your responsibility as parent/carer to let us know. We ask that you contact Liz or Sarah before 9.30am so that the register can be completed accordingly. It is the school who decides whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised.

Authorised absences include, hospital appointments, illness, funerals.

Unauthorised absences include, not feeling like attending school, going shopping, visiting relatives.

Pupil Voice

Pupil voice is an opportunity for pupils to help make school related decisions, voice their opinions and practice important skills. One pupils from each group is selected and a new committee is created every term. 


Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

Red Rose School

Allensbank Crescent 


CF14 3PR

Contact: 07903530986

School Calendar Autumn/Winter 2022

Leave of Absence Form

We have other Policies available on request, including Bullying and Health and Safety.

Also available: Particulars of academic performance, School complaints procedure, details of number of formal complaints in the last school year and number of staff employed at the school and summary of qualifications.