Essential Information

Summer term 2020

Following the guidance from the Welsh government, we are reopening June 29th with a reduced timetable and social distance measures put in place. Parents and carers will have received an email detailing what these are and what session their child will be attending. Pupils will be attending either a morning session 9-11.30am or an afternoon session 12.30-3pm

Please refer to your email for details on dropping pupils off and picking up. 


Absence procedure

Clearly the most successful learning takes place when a pupil attends school punctually and regularly. Being ten minutes late for school each day means hours of missed learning over  term. If your child is unable to attend school, it is your responsibility as parent/carer to let us know. We ask that you contact Liz or Sarah before 9.30am so that the register can be completed accordingly. It is the school who decides whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised.

Authorised absences include, hospital appointments, illness, funerals.

Unauthorised absences include, not feeling like attending school, going shopping, visiting relatives.