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We welcome enquiries from parents, carers and local authorities. When an enquiry is made the school’s headteacher will determine if the school has capacity in the required peer group.

All interested parents/carers will be invited to visit school and meet with SLT.

If a place is available, detailed information about the child will be requested from the referring person or body before being shared with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to determine suitability and and  a request for copies of the pupil’s statement, relevant educational reports, assessment data and any incident reports, will be made to the Local Authority.

We will arrange to visit the young person in their home or current placement, a request for copies of relevant educational reports, assessment data and any incident reports, will be made.

If we feel we might be able to meet the needs of the young person we invite you as parents and carers to visit us, so that you too can make a more informed choice on whether our school might be suitable. If you do agree, then the young person will be invited to visit the school and their potential peer group. We will then arrange a taster session. 

The next step is for the pupil to begin a twelve week Reflection Period with us. This is not necessarily a full-time placement but is pupil led and based on what they can manage successfully. There will be review meetings during this time and a decision on the suitability of the placement will be made at the end of the twelve weeks.


"It has only been a short while but so far very impressed. Communication fantastic and the positive environment a great relief and takes the pressure off out child."

Parents of a KS3 pupil made during their reflection period

To request more information:

Contact the School

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