Red Rose School has upto 21 staff and 25 pupils. Some of our pupils learn better in a 1:1 setting but our aspiration is always for our pupils to develop friendships in learning groups with their peers. This way they get to practice and develop the social and emotional resilience that will help them flourish a adults. It is also more fun learning with a partner or a group.


Our groups are structured with a Lead Teacher, supportive Learning Guides and groups of up to six pupils.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum supplemented with many off-site activities. These include community based activities, and indoor and outdoor physical activities around the city. We have a comprehensive PSHE programme and an effective positive behaviour management programme.



Liz Nihan

Deputy Headteacher 

Sarah Dowell


Charis Talbot

Amy Moreno-Grey

Joy Lamacraft

Simon James

Andrew Vart

Senior Learning Guides:  

Stacey ,  Lauren,                                                  Josh, Geena, Anna

Learning Guides:  

Rachel, Jordan, Elena, Eden                                        Leah, Luke,                                                     Facilities: 



Huw  Pockett